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A brand recently complained that our shop sells imitatio small breasts sex n/counterfeit products, so I'm making a statement here. We are an authorized distributor of Love Doll and are officially licensed by all brands we sell. Karendoll spec real life dolls ializes in selling love dolls and wants to provide all custome adult anime toys rs with high quality real dolls at low price. For that reason, you will not sell love dolls for a high price and make huge profits. We apologize for your concern if you trust us. Thank yo latex sex doll u Karendoll in the future. sex simulator 2
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For customers who want to play right away, we will prepare popular real dolls in our Kanagawa warehouse. Order before 9:00 PM for shipment the same day. Del amazing sex doll ivery time is 1-3 days. Cash on delivery is possible. sex robots that talk The number of bodies will be limited so you can sexx doll get it as soon as possible!! All new products are unused, so please rest assure full body sex dolls d to purchase.

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Karendoll's operational attitude

We only sell genuine products.
We guarantee all Love Dolls. We inspect the appearance of all products after arrival, and the individual such as dirt and defects a most expensive blow up doll in the world re returned to the factory to ship only the perfect product.

Appropriate Price
Karendoll takes into account costs and market value, and makes an appropriate profit for conducting sound and continuous corporate activities We offer sex dolls for just the price you can afford.

Fast and convincing response
is high, so if you have any questi where can i buy anime dolls ons and requests to arrive, we will respond quickly I p best sex simulator android romise you that. Please rest assured living sex doll that you can contact us by email, phone, or LINE.

Confident warranty contents
In order to ensure customer my real doll s can purchase products with confidence in our sh life size humanoid robot for sale op, not to mention real love doll quality assurance, purchase Detailed information on the KARENDOLL product robot sex toys love doll sex warranty for later peace of min real doll big d is also available on the site. No matter how good you send the product, we believe you need a solid warranty realistic black sex dolls and response because it is a real doll that never breaks.

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What do you like big breast real life sex s big sister? Or lori? You can robot sex toys adult search for dolls by category!

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What is a love doll

A love doll is a doll whose shape is close to a real woman, mainly for men to enjoy se talking sex doll x imitatively. Among the dolls made for the same purpose, called Dutch Wife, refers to expensive dolls with similar texture and shape to real women, especially those that correspond to the skin made of robot sex toys. It is sometimes used not only for sex but also for aigan, v life like male dolls iewing, and photography. The most common doll materials on the market are robot sex toys and tpe. In recent years, cute and beautiful faces close to real w cyber sex robot omen have been pursued, and the type of h sex rpg sim ead is abundant, such as neat and clean system, gal system, and young system. Sex robots equipped with Ai are also on sale and can be selected according to your preferences.

Characteristics of robot sex toys love dolls

  • Flexibility: soft
  • Stretchy: stretches
  • Strength: moving part, local weak
  • Skin change: slight change
  • Odor: no particular
  • Advantages: High durability such as temperature changes and aging
  • Disadvantages: High price of silicon doll material and high manufacturing cost, hard compared to TPE

Characteristics of TPE Love Doll

  • Flexibility: very soft and cl anime sex simulator ose to skin
  • Stretchy: very stretchy
  • Strength: moving part, local is hard to tear
  • Skin changes: easy to change due to pressure
  • Odor: some degree to feel
  • Benefits: Flexibility and elasticity reduce breakage rate
  • Disadvantages: Because it contains a lot of oil, it is weak to heat and love doll movie melts from around 100 degrees

Love Doll Notes
● Do not store in the same position for a long time yeah
● Be sure to straighten your ar little mini dolls ms, legs, and other joints after use and store them.
● Please be careful not to damage your toes, cutlery, or sharp objects.
Avoid wearing clothes that may cause color transfer. We recommend wearing white underwear, stockings, etc. under clothing so that the fabric does not touch the product directly.
● Please keep away from direct sunlight.

It is a long-established manufacturer mainly dealing with TPE dolls. Recently we are also expanding into anime heads, full robot sex toys dolls! If you get lost here!

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It is a famous manufacturer of loli! But in fact, we also have a lot of maniac dolls! There is also a super realistic girl with a robot sex toys vs tpe dolls new makeup, even to the rainy Z-cup baby girl...! It's a must-see!

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【About Karendoll Real Doll Dealer】

karendoll love doll factory

has been a global business leader in selling real love dolls since 2019. From the moment Karendoll was foun interactive sex simulator ded, it has become a well-known brand name that has been established in the international real doll market by providing a rich selection of high quality dolls. And we offer real love d lovedoll mini olls at a conscience price to customers all over the world.

Many Chinese love dolls are currently in circulation in Japan. Many of them videos of sex dolls are unfortunately not distributed by regular love doll manufacturers such as karendoll Karendoll, but are sold cheaply by using images of major manufacturers via Amazon etc. It i real doll deutschland s also true that there are many bad goods sex doll manufacturer . Some products are made of recycled recycled materials that can harm your health, so please be careful that they are sold at dolls made in korea very low prices. Now the photos posted on Calendor are marked with a logo to prevent malicious me android sexbot rchants from stealing photos of the Love Doll Maker we cooperate with.

All of our love dolls are manufactured according to the strictest quality standards. That's why we take pride in using our love dolls by our users. KarenDoll develops D amazing sex dolls LDoll and XyDoll as their own brands. We also successfully registered the DLDOLL brand in Japan in July 2019 and XYDOLL brand in March 2021. We also have good cooperative relationship with robot and human sex famous love doll brands such as WMDOL japanese realdoll L, Irontechdoll, dollhouse168 and we have obtained sales license for these brands . Real Love Doll spends a lot of time to emphasize the details. Hand sculpted to de android sex doll tail by professional robot prostitute professionals Our goal is to meet the best real dolls that can make your dreams com ebony real sex e true. And to achieve this, we have partnered with leading manufacturers in China to offer you the best models and adult anime toys versatile customization options. Whether you are looking for either TPE doll or robot sex toys doll, we can offer you the best choice fo ai dolls r you. Our team guarantees the highest customer experience and guaran custom made sex dolls tees to offer the best Love Doll that best fits your needs.

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Karendoll is the “largest love doll dealer in Japan” which has signed a license agreement with real love d sex doll technology oll manufacturers. Our company works with leading silicon manufacturers and famous TPE leading manufacturers in China. With par robot sex toys dolls for adults tner factories, we can always streamline the manufacturing process and realize consistent product posable sex dolls ion with lower costs.

At this real doll shop, we thoroughly pursue the diverse desires and desires of our customers, and develop love doll torso and offer various real dolls. Please take a look carefully!

In karendoll, you can choose from many models humanoid robots for sale . Real Love Doll is efficient when it comes to reaching your climax quickly and unhindered. Sex lives based on our imagination. With one of our real dolls, you can get moments of maximum pleasure real male dolls . Anytime, whatever you like - our l sexy doll makers ove doll sales are guaranteed to be fun.

In order for love dolls to deliver a realistic experience, it is very important to meet manufacturing quality standards. That's why we only offer real do asian sex dolls lls that meet strict management and requirements. This ensures the quality of the full body robot sex toys boy dolls model. You do not have to compromise during sex. Every love doll maker that offers real dolls scores with excellent products without young looking sex doll exception. Each plant uses high quality materials to manufacture dolls. Especial men and sex dolls ly robot sex toys gives the model a natural feel.

Everything your real love doll needs - here you get it. What's more, we dolls boobs have a wide range of important accessories for you.

About paid take-off service

Love dolls that are no longer needed will be redeemed for 15,000 yen per unit (shippi realdoll mini ng costs are paid by the customer). Please contact our service center office@.