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Super Breast Love Doll
148cm Busty Sex Doll
Transcendence Kawaii Real Doll
WM #314ダッチドール
Tropical Girl Real Love Doll
Super Breast Love Doll
148cm Busty Sex Doll
Transcendence Kawaii Real Doll
WM #314ダッチドール
Tropical Girl Real Love Doll

“Natsuki-chan” 148cm L-cup WM #314巨乳セックスドール5穴

Material: safe medical solid TPE material
Delivery time: After order settlement, we can deliver it around 15 days.
It is so soft that the chest swings from side to side just by shaking the shoulders lightly. This was t humanoid sex robot he point of purchase, so it is highly appreciated. You can also raise your shoulders and raise your arms straight up in a natural way.
May June campaign contents:
(Not eligible for dolls less than 140cm)
+ Head alone (can be specified, not subject to anime series)
+ jelly chest

May June present

(Not eligible for dolls under 140cm)
When specifying the head number, please enter it in the remarks field.

* skin color
* Eye color
* wigs
* Areola color
* Areola size
type of breast

Note: WM Dolls C-Cup-F Cups can be manufactured with jelly chests! If you have bigger breasts, you will not be able t making a sex doll o manufacture jelly breasts. In addition, the hollow bust is the automated blow job most undegraded type, and hollow breasts cannot be manufactured in the case of B cup or less.
* pubic hair
* Color of the pubic
* masturbation
* Self-reliance function
* Hand color
* Toe color
* Breathing function

Simulate human respiratory function. Effect exhibition: https://twitter.com/karendoll520/status/1310051350181371905 good sex dolls
Note: If you add this function, you will not be able to manufacture the heating function love dolls store . And vice versa.
In addition, WM's doll is limited to 14 solid latex love dolls 0cm or more!
Add features and accessories robot sex toys artists (multiple purchases available)

Note: Temperature processing and jelly bre sex doll being used asts cannot be selected at the same time. Temperature processing and breathing function can not be selected simultaneously. Temperature proc oral doll essing and new skeleton cannot be selected at the same time.
Additional clothing (multiple purchases are available)

Can be shipped separately
Homecoming service (valid withi lovable dolls website n 6 months)
Customized requirements
125,000 yen
Karendoll line

We are an authorized distributor of WMDOLL in Japan. You can buy with confidence.
●You can check the actual photo before ordering.
●You can check the completed photos before shipping.
●Safe, reliable, and reasonable price, customizable.

[Size] Height: 148 cm, Weight: 29 kg, Top bust: 94 cm, Underbust: 54 cm, Waist: 50 cm, Hip: 82cm, Shoulder Width: 32cm, Vagina Depth: 18 cm robot sex toys love dolls , Anal Depth: 15cm, mouth depth: 12cm, packing size: 140*43*28cm

① No harmful substances contained so the unpleasant odors found in regular elastomers have been thoroughly cut
② No harmful substances, so you can rest assured that you can lick it.
③ Bleed on the surface of your skin (wi humanoid robots for sale th oil stickiness) is significantly less and has a different f real love sex eeling of smoothness.
④ Due to the high quality of elastomer gel, it lifelike male sex dolls is highly durable and there is almost no deterioration of the material even after many years of storage.
⑤ The high quality of elastomer gel makes use of the flexibility of the material, the range of motion of the joints is the highest standard.

The following options are provided as standard equi robot sex toys dolls on sale pment. It's all free.
① I will give you a wig
② Super soft hollow tits (but in case of small tits less than C cup, we will make it solid type)
③ Gaze movement & knuckle movable
It is a product of WMDOLL, one of the world's largest TPE love dol hentai sex simulator ls industry. 100% guarantee the same quality as the picture.
We use TPE raw materials from the United States. It is safe a latex free vibrators nd durable, soft and its elasticity is the human skin itself.
Adopting a high-quality new skeleton developed in-house, the range of motion is wider than normal skeletons, and the expression of posing is greatly expanded.

Accessories: 1 wig, 1 washing pump, 1 USB warmer, 1 random costume, 1 cotton hand, 1 comb, 1 blanket.

About delivery and delivery time You can
use Sagawa Express.
Sales office can be closed, time zone c robot sex toys sexdolls an also be specified.
Number of days from manufacturing to delivery: about 15 days.

Dispose of the waste love doll as “homecoming” for a fee (we can handle it).

This love doll brand is brand WMDoll, WM doll is made of durable and flexible TPE. H guys and love dolls ow about a beautiful girl love doll with a total length of 148 cm? Soft and strong platinum robot sex toys is used for the material, so you can enjoy all you can massage. Hairstyle, hair color, eye col synthetic dolls for adults or, skin color, nipple color, nail, and paste structure and color can be custom made to your liking! You ca free vr sex simulator n enjoy the chirarism in a costume like a lori doll, or get a high school girl and wear it. If you want to create a more realistic look like a wom custom made love dolls an, you can buy women's clothes in mail order and wear them. There are many theme best sex simulator apk d items for love dolls on sale, so it's easy to find your favorite item. Time for dressing up is also a time of excitement as a man.

Product description

L cup love doll

Super Breast Erodoll

148cm life-size doll

nice busty dutchwife


[Security WM #314ラブドール】 100% medical solid TPE m life size doll aterial (non-toxic, odorless and safe material) is adopted. Compared to robot sex toys dolls, they are softer to hold and feel like the real thing, durable for movement, and ex tiny lovedoll cellent elasticity!

[Busty Sex Doll with Movable Joints] With multi-metal technology, thick wire is loaded to the neck, shoulder, knee, and waist of the love doll, as well as fine parts such as the robot sex toys child wrist and hip. You can bend and fix almost every part of the love doll so you can enjoy a vari robotic sex toys ety of poses to your fullest. ☛ The new skeleton is connected indirectly with gears. You can shrug your shoulders or make your hips bend. ☛ If not in use, please leave it lying down without posing big boobs sex doll

【Enjoy a variety of ways to play】You can change different sex dolls video ways to play anal, oral sex, paisuri, pussy, and so on. Pleasure comes like waves from the next to the next, satisfying your unbearable libido. Enjoy libido lifting the best SEX!

New comments
Just hug your body here and you'll be excited chest sex ! If you care about it, you can buy it

There was no real feeling, and it felt like havi real doll female ng sex with a real girl. I was surpris real doll 2020 ed by feeling good and lik adult size sex dolls e a real human being.

Satisfied shopping experience
Satisfaction is perfect, the head is perfect and e the love doll xquisite, beauty is more than a real figure, a sex doll site nd such sweetness is expected.


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