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The most famous WMDOLLS love doll

WMDOLLS is a high-end TPE love doll. Currently, the largest an realistic male love doll d most famous entity in the life size latex dolls worldis a brand and manufacturer of dolls. Annual production is nearly 20 billion yen. WM Love Doll is fine and soft, TPE doll is the highest level. TPE raw material is imported from abroad, non-toxic and harmless to human body. Due to robot roxxxy in action the advanced and unique manufacturing process, the skin of the wm dolls produced is smooth, delicate and elastic. It has a soft hand feeli used love dolls ng, elasticity and visual feeling similar to real skin. Simulated human skeleton is built into the whole body, which could achieve more than real men doll 85% of real human movements and postures.

Our shop became an authorized distributor of wm dolls. We would appreciate if you choose your favorite real doll here.

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