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Young elementary school love doll

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139,000 yen

Love doll 100 cm

Size less than elementary school real doll in this classification is the same size as JS girls (60cm to 100cm). Wei full body robot sex toyss for sale ght is half the weight of human elementary school students 15 kg or less It will be It is mainly sold for men who love toddler love dolls. It is also very popular with others who have a hobby for puppet collectors. As a child of your own, you can eliminate the feeling of loneliness and become a companio love doll small n. Not only that, but also can be naughty. The size and weight of the 100cm love doll is convenient to move. It also makes it even easier to adjust position during sex. Easy to cont realdoll album rol even older grandpa Small but does not affect the thril sexbot talk to a robot l of sexual intercourse at all. Open the doll's vagina (depth: 18 cm), buttocks (depth: 16cm) and love dolls tpe mouth (13cm), and let the man put the penis into the hole.


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