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~ Karendoll 2nd Love Doll Shooting Contest ~

The first shooting contest has already ended, prizes were also given to the winners. The second love doll real doll torso review shooting tournament begins! 14 people+some people can win this photo contest! Come and join us!

◆Contest subject: Momodoll & bezlyadoll Love Doll

◆Contest Activity Period:
Posting Period: January 17, 2022 - March 31, 2022
Vote “Like” Period: 2022 January 17 - March 31, 2022
Commendees announced: April 8, 2022

◆Event Description:
The contest format allows you to take photos of lov custom made sex doll e dolls with unlimited themes. The works you have participated in this contest will be published on the Karendoll website. Your work will have a minimum of 10 images and an introd tpe meaning material uctory text within 400 characters.

◆How to participate
★ How to enter ①
Post directly to the contest promotion page within the kare sili doll ndoll website . After posting, our staff will review and releas realdoll for sale e it for 1-2 days. (You must include the order date and time aex doll and order number in your submission. (If you do full size adult doll not fill in, it will affect the review and approval time)

★ How to enter ②
During the contest period, the specified email address: service @でも投稿可能. (You must include the order date and time and order number in your submission. If you do not fill it, it will affe celebrity look alike dolls ct the review and approval time.)

Email Entry Summary: 1. Please fill in the “Doll Shooting Contest”.
2. The size of the image file is W1600px x H1200px or more.
3. Be sure to include the text of the work expression, the title of the work, and the name of the contestant (pen name allowed).
◆Explanation of Rules
Entry Issue
1. Submitted works will be published latex free vibrators in the past as original works this time limited to works that do not h sexsimulator free account ave. As a principle theme, life with love doll, love love love, love love love doll everyday, etc.. love doll us .
2. The image is clear and beautiful, the image is w1600px × H1200px or higher I need to have it.
3. In this contest, there is no limit to the numbe adult rubber dolls r of entries for each participant in order to facilitate the sharing of works. However, please note that each participant can only win one prize. If the participant is dolls like her eligible to win more than one piece, only the one with the highest score will ev love doll germany entually be selected as the winning work.
4. Scoring rules: The scoring criteria will be based on the scoring method of “Energy” for the submissions. Submissions will be a special prize for the works with the m cloth sex doll ost “likes”. Participants must @karendoll and brand official account at the same time, to post their work on Twitter. If th real robot sex toys sex doll e number of “likes” is equal, the work posted earlier will be ranked higher. In all love dolls addition, if you participate in this eve synthetic sex dolls nt, you agree to the scoring rules determined by the contest organizers and have no objection to accepting the results of the revi japanese love doll ew.

Award contents are as follows: Special prize: 2 people (1 s3x doll each brand) Gift for 1 favorite love doll (robot sex toys not el real lifelike sex dolls igible)
First class: 2 people (each brand 1) discount ticket momodoll (50,0 pleasure dolls 00 yen) /bezlyadoll (80,000 yen)
2 etc.: 4 people (each real sex doll sex brand 2) discount ticket momodoll (30,000 yen) /bezlyadoll (50,000 yen)
Third party: 6 people (each brand 3) discount ticket momodoll (10,000 yen sex doll petite ) /bezlyadoll (30,000 yen)
Excellent: some name costume for love doll, cutlet, eyeballs, etc. (equivalent to 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen)

*Regarding discount vouchers: Customers can choose to offset th my love doll e payment of the item with a discount coupon when purchasing a real doll. After the results of the contest are announced, we will send you a coupon code by email. Discount vouchers can only be us big boobs sex doll ed once and can be transferred to yourself or others.
*It is prohibited to link your application to other websites, promote or pu people who have relationships with dolls blish on other websites.

Other events: For those who purchase
momodoll & bezlyadoll love dolls during the contest period, it will cost 3,500 yen We will offer a preferential service!

*Duplicate discounts are not available.
Coupon code

And then get a photo contest prize as well.

Doll shooting tournament

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