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real lifelike sex dolls #A84ラブドール
AXB Miyu-chan
Bishoujo Love Doll Miyu-chan
Sex doll miyu-chan
Sex doll Miyu-chan
Erodoll Miyu-chan
lovedoll Miku-chan
sexdoll Miyu-chan
real lifelike sex dolls #A84ラブドール
AXB Miyu-chan
Bishoujo Love Doll Miyu-chan
Sex doll miyu-chan
Sex doll Miyu-chan
Erodoll Miyu-chan
lovedoll Miku-chan
sexdoll Miyu-chan

Miyu-chan 140cm large breasts real lifelike sex dolls #A84 Lolita doll

[Details] Model Number: axb #A84 Material: TPE Height: 140cm Weight: 24kg, Bust: 7 life size male doll 0 cm, Waist: 50 m, Hip: 76 cm, Shoulder Width: 30 cm, Foot Size human love doll : 18cm, Vagina depth: 16 cm Anal depth: 14 cm Mouth depth: 12cm Packing size: 130*38*26

Accessories: 1 washing pump, 1 USB warmer, 1 random costume, 1 cotton hand, 1 comb, 1 blanket.


Note: Busty and super breasts are not eligible!
* skin color
* Eye color
* wigs
* areola size
* Areola color
* type of breast
* labia color
* Vaginal hole

Note: 115CM 108CM 100CM doll will not have anal if you choose removabl skinny love doll e.
* pubic hair
* Self-reliance processing
* nail color
Add features and accessories (multiple purchases available)
Additional eye color sex simulator on mobile (multiple purchase possible)
Extra wigs (multiple purchases available)
Add head (multiple selection is possible)

real lifelike sex dolls HEAD NUMBER EXHIBITION
In case of adding, please enter the head number in the remarks field.
Additional clothing (multiple purchases are available)
Homecoming service (valid within 6 months)
Customized requirements
124,000 yen
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The TPE Love Doll has no poison or harm to human body with CE application authorization certificate and ROHS application authorization certificate. Made of premium TPE elastomer material close most realistic sex doll to human skin, very soft and resilient, tear resistant and ex love doll real cellent finish. If you take care of like a girlfriend, you can enjoy a variety of positions and experiences with her.

At Karendoll (Kendoru), Japan nationwide shipping is completely free! No additional customs charges will be incurred. It will be shipped after safe inspection! We can full size adult doll respond to delivery time and Sagawa office closure.

About the homecoming service: It can be disposed of free within 6 months from the settlement, and it is also possible to pick up at 15,000 yen after 6 months.

Pink hair, a face without knowing anything, and doing love at night! Being a daughter, a lover, and also becomes an opponent who bumps desires, of c japanese love dolls for sale ourse in normal position, you can also swing your waist in the back or cowgirl! The pleasures obtained realdoll bestellen by shaking the hips and the fullness of holding a girl no longer differ from sex. Also, when inflatable doll sale you hold a lolidor with the same posture while watching Loli-based VR, immersion reaches sex with dolls video its culmination and the excitement is MAX! The hole is also a kitsuki specification, and you can taste undeveloped lolori Kitsman even w small anime doll hen you are ecchi! Because it is small and easy to change posture, lsex doll it is also a big point that it is easy to do from sex treatment to c tpe doll hanging clothes, and the real feeling wh talking sex robot chat en wearing skui is amazing! Moreover, it's getting cheaper just now!! Check it out for you on Lori Zuki!

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real lifelike sex dolls Miyu-chan

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As a beginner, I bought this child with anxiety, but it is a better product than I imagined. The texture is very good, soft feeling, and even beginners can e guy sex doll njoy it!

so real!! The boobs are bouncy and it's so soft!! I was pretty surprised the momen best inflatable love doll t I opened it

This child is amazing, the face is really beautiful, the skin is elastic and soft, and the modeling is asian sx very realistic and complete.


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