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AXB doll

“AXB DOLL Speaking of Lori TPE Dolls”. AXB Doll is a Chinese Love Doll Manufacturer. It is a young brand starting in 2017, and realdoll videos it seems that there is a particular focus on childhood heads. In June 2020, Karendoll became an real lifelike sex dolls agency. Thank you very much

axb love doll features:

axb doll will be an introductory brand that you want to knit cheaply and enjoy. Speaking of loli, real lifelike sex dolls is called real lifelike sex dolls! axb Love Doll is inexpensive so the skeleton is a little weak and th chinese sexdolls e skeleton may be loose in about half a yea sex doll love r, but when you become an advanced level, the skeleton bolts and nuts a real doll torso re not welded so you can retighten, melt the skin and clean it for many years Some people use it.
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